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"For it is not upon bread alone to give life to the Adawm (Man), for it is upon every command of the mouth of YaHUAH to give life to Adawm."

D'bayrim (Deut.) 8:3

  Our bodily tents are very important to the Most High, and there is much that can be done today to restore ancient Scriptural health to our lives. The Almighty has been revealing a lot of things to me. I have been getting away from fast food, sugar and caffeine addiction, eating healthier, cooking more things from scratch, not buying products with 20 billion ingredients that people don't have a clue about, and more. I have learned natural ways to clean and use essential oils. This is generally called the Homesteading movement. It is my prayer that this section will be helpful to you. If you have suggestions or would like to share, please email.



SafeSleeve Cell phone cases protect you and your family from identity theft, EMF and ELF radiation. A wallet-style cell phone case allows you to store up to 3 cards. Stylish.

 Permanent Smile and Health Changes. Another excerpt from my Facebook notes. This is about how smiling is great for your health and also about some health changes I made to my diet that may be interesting to some for healthier living.

 Veganism, Alkalinity, Meat and Idolized Doctors. This short article addresses veganism, the false "alkalinity cures all" idea, whether chicken is clean or unclean, and "doctors" like Dr. Sebi and Paul Nison who have become idolized by modern society's fascination with such things.

Passover RecipesI love the festivals of Paysawkh (Passover) and Unleavened Bread.  Nothing like homemade barley unleavened bread or kherusat (haroset) desert.

Pure Distilled Water. A short article about having pure distilled water, compared to city government tap water or other filtered kinds of water.

 Depression. I published a piece about this topic on Facebook and am now sharing it in updated thought here to help others.

Grains, Hand-Grinders, Famine Preparedness and Rainwater.

Organic Beauty. Lotions and so forth that are made naturally and can maintain your physical shine!

A Most Important Discovery. Studies chiropractic care, live blood analysis and the Scriptural meaning of the "silver cord" (spine).

The Need for Scriptural Oils. Speaks to the heart of essential oils and their relation to our health and Scripture.

The Wonderful Use of Incense. Tells of how incense can be a wonderful Scriptural addition to our modern lives.

Herbal Teas and Cures. Instructions on how to make teas and what ingredients to use for varying ailments and so forth.

Non-Toxic Cleaning Solutions. Get the chemicals out of your home and live naturally!

Rainwater. A short one page article on how rainwater can be used, and is truly a gift from the Most High.

 The Menstrual Cycle, Emissions of Semen and Uncleanness. A short article dealing with these issues from the Turah (Law).

Jason Christoff wrote a great article about how "the pill" is affecting ladies' health and natural sexual function

        Dr. Mendelsohn does a great job in this video of exposing the reality of the dangers of ultrasound.
         Considering the times we are living in, with shaky politics, rumors of wars, economic collapses and global ecological catastrophes, we ought to be fit and prepped for what MAY occur. I am not a "doom and gloom" kind of guy. Even if everything were rosy in the world today, it would still be wise to be fit and healthy. Well, here is my little contribution to that vision for now. Enjoy nature, get outdoors, enjoy pushing your body to the limit.

             The following herbal drink, The Reality Dose, is made by a friend of ours in Jamaica. It contains cerasee, bitterwood, aloe vera and tafarian wisp. Use the contact information in the picture below to contact Kimroy at 876-775-0667 or Claims as to effective treatment in the picture below are his own. We have used his drink and perhaps did not observe change in health but that could be because our family is already very healthy and we don't really have any health or diet issues.

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