The Government of YaH

Occupy the World! The Slaves are Waking. This article speaks to the hype of the "Occupy" movement which has gathered steam worldwide. Is it relevant to those who follow YaH and the Turah (Scripture)? Should society pay attention?


The Government of YaH (vs. Living in Slavery)

           What is the “Sovereignty” of YaH? It is His government. All throughout Scripture there is a repeated theme. It is the theme that His government is the best government. It is the theme of a loving Creator who desires the best for His creation. He originally had a beautiful garden and a living male being who had a relationship with Him. This Adawm (Man) was to care for the creation and live naturally within it in a relationship with his wife and the Creator throughout everlasting ages of peace and prosperity. And now look at what has happened. But restoration is possible. Rather, it is prophesied. The prophet M'shih (Moses) heard YaH say "And you (wa-atam) will come to be (tahayu) for me (li) a reign (m'melakat) of priest (kahanim) and a nation (gu-ee) set-apart (qodush)" (Sh'moot (Ex.) 19:6).   But the question is, have you accepted this government of YaH alone? YaH stated to Y'shr'Al (Israel) that they were not to follow the statutes (wa-b'kheqotayhaym) of Mistrayim (Egypt) where He had taken them FROM - PAST. And they are not to follow the statutes of the nations that He was driving out before them - FUTURE. But to ONLY observe the Turah (Law) of YaH (Wa'y'qora (Lev.) 18:3-4). It is the law of YaH that will endure, if we recognize His government and Turah (Law). Perhaps this short message will give you deeper thoughts on that concept and how serious it is for us to accept Scripture’s laws, commands and instructions as relevant.

Big Brother

"The ideal tyranny is that which is ignorantly self-administered by its victims. The most perfect slaves are, therefore, those which blissfully and unawaredly enslave themselves." Quoted from Dresden James (

         An older fellow asked, “Do you know what those red numbers on the back of our birth certificates mean?” “No,” I responded. With anticipation, I waited for the answer. With insight, he revealed that these red numbers are the number of a “right and duty-bearing unit.” People today are born under the various governments of countries and lands and "marked" with red numbers. But how few have truly thought of this? How few would care? I am certain that those who truly know this subject are few. But you can see it on the cover of Time Magazine or news headlines that have questioned the watchful eye and control of governments over populaces. It is called “Big Brother.” Most people think that their “big brother” only wants to protect them, look out for them, and has their best interests in mind. But let us ask. Do you think Obama would really care if you called him up to share fellowship and worship or talk of how Scripture could be incorporated into the decisions of the president of the United States? What about any other government leader?  

          Under the subject of Big Brother, we must eventually come to what the goal of Big Brother is. The goal is identification. Every person must be identified. Everyone must be controlled. While most people are worried about a “microchip” implanted in one’s hand or forehead, we would like to reveal to our readers the truth. This isn’t going to be a doom and gloom message. This is about becoming aware of exactly what kind of reality we are living under. It is about coming to grips with the fact that we are living in slavery, and what we are to do about it. This is no longer about the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. This is about people who now WILLINGLY enslave themselves by believing public policy, public "education" and work a middle or lower class 9-5 pyramid-building slavery. The temptation for most who come across this message would probably be to follow the ostrich… stick their head in the sand. 

            Prior to last year (2008), the idea of living without a birth certificate or identification of any kind would never have popped into my mind. And it is still hard to imagine. We’ll get to that later though. For now, let us dig into the reality of “living in slavery.” The Almighty started to bring people into our conversations who have been “enlightened” on this issue of identification. Here and there I would meet one, then another. It wasn’t as if I was seeking them out either. They came out of the woodwork. And this movement is growing.

You would think that this movement was growing because of people seeking to be spiritual and leave “the system” or “matrix” to follow YaH alone. But sadly, the majority in this movement are people who are simply tired of “the system,” not necessarily observers of Scriptural truths. And as a result of their ignorance of Scripture, they do not understand the big picture or how to answer this problem. Most of these people were tired of the taxes, the license renewals, the worthless certificates, the watchful eye of the government tracking their every move, and all the rest of it. But from this group, especially the Scriptural observant ones, comes some very deep truth to be gained.

History Repeats

          In case you didn’t know, history is repeating itself. For those who have studied Scripture thoroughly, we see this in Y'shr'Al (Israel) and their choices of leadership and lifestyle time and time again. Whenever there was a righteous ruler around to keep the people in line with what was Scriptural, then there was prosperity, truth, righteousness, peace, and a great witness to the nations. But whenever there was an unrighteous ruler, there was crookedness, increase in violence, bribes, oppression of the poor, and the abominations of the nations. Indeed, today it is no different. The land known as “the state of Israel” today is like every other nation. But we, those who worship the Most High and follow Scripture, are called to be different, even in bondage to the nations.

              Sadly, there is a blissful ignorance to all of this on the part of most. Or at the very least, an inactive acceptance and inability to preach reality in line with Scriptural truth. They have not learned from Scriptural history. In spite of the physical evidence of the destroyed cities of Sadawm and Aym'rah (Sodom and Gomorrah) through the archaeological brimstone artifacts near the Dead Sea , people still follow after evil and abominations. People cringe at the very mention of slavery. But even though "our countries’" leaders fail to provide peace, eliminate poverty and disease, or uphold Scriptural truths, yet still the so-called Scriptural believers keep voting for them and promoting broken systems. It is time for true Scriptural believers to unite in acceptance of the Most High and His Scriptures. It is time for them to stand out and say as individuals that they will not support people who stand for anything else.  

Truthfully, I feel really out of place in our modern-day society. Indeed, the majority of people think that the way people lived in Scriptural times was simply their “culture,” and they see Scripture itself like an ancient history or storybook. They see it as a product of ancient cultures which doesn’t apply to us anymore. The people of our age do not live in tight-knit communities of small villages and short distances any longer. Agriculture is taken out of the hands of local workers by big companies and conglomerates that we wish would topple.

Indeed, we live in an age that is so far removed from Scriptural lifestyle that it is little wonder that most people are completely ignorant of Scripture and do not care. When Scripture is thus presented to them, they are aloof as to how to relate. So the pastors and rabbis of today do not preach on agriculture, Scriptural ancient dress, beards, cutting the foreskin, or anything of that nature. And so the purpose of this writing is to beg readers ponder these matters and ask themselves some serious questions.

Do you view Scripture, ancient lifestyle of dress, laws, and the rest of it as out-dated cultural mumbo-jumbo?

Do you have a hard time grasping concepts like “clean” and “unclean” in the laws of Wa'y'qora (Leviticus)?

Do you find that there is a sort of animosity in your heart against things like the laws of Wa'y'qora (Leviticus)?

         If you answered yes to any of the above questions, your view of Scripture has been distorted by Christendom or Liberal modern Judaism or the government and society of today. I believe that ALL of Scripture is from the Almighty, and it is HIS Turah. We don’t only take the parts that talk of peace and love or make us feel nice. I don’t only pick and choose what parts of His Sovereign laws make sense to us and which ones don’t. The time for these attitudes has far gone. We need to stop seeing Scripture as a product of outdated cultures of the past and stories of great events that we don’t relate to or apply to our lives as it applied to theirs.

We need a change. It isn’t the “change” that Barak Obama and John McCain promised the US in the midst of stock market crash and economic upheaval. Indeed, it is not the change that any political leader could promise. Rather, it is a change to accept the Almighty as truly Sovereign in our lives, and stop rationalizing things as “changing cultures,” “outdated Scriptural laws” and etcetera.

You may not like the fact that Scripture commands us not to shave/destroy our beards completely off of our male faces, but that is what Scripture commands. But people will protest that these types of things don’t pertain to spiritual worship or sincerity of the heart. But it’s on the scrolls. It’s in the Almighty’s Scriptures. It’s engraved on ancient scrolls and stones. It is what we will be judged by. It is time to move beyond lip service to obedience.

            If we truly desire the historical stories of the deliverance of YaH from slavery to be a reality in our lives, we must first recognize how we are enslaved and how we will be delivered. The long and short of it is that we are in slavery. If we want to be delivered, we must repent of these rulerships, governments and the modern-lifestyle abominations. Back to Wa'y'qora (Lev.) 18:3-4. We must repent of shaving our beards. We must repent of ignoring laws of uncleanness such as how to deal with an emission of semen or the menstrual cycle. We must repent of ignoring the festival calendar of YaH seen in the sun, moon, stars, and agricultural seasons. We must repent of the mixed-fibre clothing and all the rest of it. Most paramount, we must accept YaH as Sovereign and His Scriptures as our constitution for our lives under His government.

We Didn’t Have a Choice, but What do We do?

            Friends, we didn’t have a choice who our parents were. We didn’t have a choice where we were born, or in what age of history we were born. We didn’t have a choice in being slapped with a birth certificate or forced to go to governmental education systems. We got deceived into all of this from birth. But it is time to recognize that we are not the “right and duty bearing units” that the governments of this world want us to be. We are not red numbers and capital letters on some certificate. We are beings created in the image of the Most High. The governments of this world allow us to have “rights” and perform “duties” under their watchful eye because they slapped us with a birth certificate, which is printed by the banks and numbered in blood-red ink. But it is time for us to wake up. Soon the rulerships of this world will crumble. The modern way of life is not a sustainable one. These governments will receive judgment for these unrighteous acts of enslaving others, exploiting the poor at the expense of their corporations and greed, deceiving with falsehood, abusing the environment of our planet which YaH created, and all of this world’s abominations.

Surely the Almighty will renew the land we walk on and the expanse above us. There will be no more computers and internet when His physical reign meets our ground again. Indeed, we would be wise not to waste so much time on the internet, chat rooms, wasteful websites and emails. I would encourage you to continue to spend time in dialogue with others via email and websites such as this, but certainly something must be said regarding the majority of people who needlessly waste hours on their internet, blackberries, cell phones, tv, ipods and radios. But while we are waiting for the Almighty to usher in His physical rule with us, what do we do? How do we come to grips with the fact that we are enslaved?

Numerous people are answering these questions by saying that we must tear up our birth certificates, social security cards, health cards, and all the rest of it. I don’t really have an answer for you with regards to the above questions, but I have thought about these things deeply and would like to share a few of my thoughts. I obviously recognize that the birth certificates and identification of these governments and systems is for the purpose of forcing us to consent to the coming submission to the final government of their conspiratorial New World Order of things. I do not believe YaH will allow a New World Order, but that is their agenda. But I do not believe these things separate us from the Most High or condemn us. They are simply marks of slavery. However, those who do not recognize that we are living in slavery to governments through identification, who do not recognize that this is a set-up, these will fall prey to the coming and final events of history.

My advice is that if you can find a job that pays cash only, which can meet your family needs of survival and keep the festivals of YaH, then praise Him for it and take it. Only then could you rid of your identification and be self-sustaining. I have not been able to do that. YaH has not directed me in prayer to do so, nor have I been given the opportunity to work for cash and observe the festivals of YaH under such a cash-only employment. Jobs for cash are scarce. They usually want your identification, deduct your taxes and so forth. You may be stuck in the same boat as I. That is the bitterness of slavery, and our family cries to YaH about it every day. This is only to discuss the reality of our slavery, and think about dialoguing with others on this issue. It is in the desire that we can join together in prayer for our deliverance. It is in the prayer that perhaps we may get back to communal living, in the types of employment which are pleasing and work for our benefit. Self-sustaining communities would have no need for cash. That is what “self-sustaining” means. And that is what I am working towards. This vision is what I am emphasizing here.  

For now, it is the whip on our backs that tells us to get up and make those bricks for "pharaoh." Pay those bills. The only difference between now and ancient slavery is that we are driving trucks, cleaning toilets, managing accounts for big companies, assembling cars, or any one of the millions of useless employments which the Almighty never intended us to have. Did the Almighty intend for His people to be building idolatrous pyramids? I don’t think so.

Most people today would have us to believe that because we are serving a “pharaoh” under a system of slavery, that we will not enter the everlasting reign of YaH. They believe that if we do not come out of it, then we are cowards or we stand condemned before the Almighty. I am not placing this before you in order to give you that impression. But we must admit to ourselves that today’s modern employments are far off the Scriptural paths of employment that the people of YaH were able to have in their few prosperous days when they were under His physical rule in Kan’ayn (Canaan). And it is even further off the path of what He has promised us in the future. We should be building natural stone homes, planting fig trees and all sorts of other stuff that actually lasts. So it is time to take our eyes off of the big screen tv sets, the video game boxes, the theatres, the cars, the synthetic clothing and mind-numbing employment of the world. It is time for us to get serious, read our Scriptures and pray. There is not much time.

At a Loss for Words

           I know plenty of people who have gone the route of cash-only, no ID, who are left at the whims of wondering when their next meal will come. They have no employment, fighting government officials and are often in prison, their cars seized and more. On the opposite side of the coin, there are a few who have had tons of cash when they sold their stuff, who bought land, homes, animals, and who live a primarily self-sustaining, almost cashless life. I have met a few like that also. Sadly, these few tend to stick to themselves, are not interested in sharing a communal life with others, have often been hurt or taken advantage of, or they have done it for the wrong reasons. Oh yeah, and most of them still watch tv (illegally of course since they don’t believe in billing identification and don’t like paying bills). A lot of these no-ID people have one foot in the system and one foot out. In other words, they did it to get away from governments so that they could be free, but they don’t do it under the government of YaH and Scriptural understanding. And they abuse the system that they chastise and claim to hate. I can only speak of the ones that I have met and read about. This is not the answer.

               In numerous other places outside North America, it is much easier to disappear. Find a piece of land, build a house the way you want, from natural resources, without any building inspectors with their bylaws and zoning. Get lots of fruit from the trees and grow stuff with lots of room. Live off the land with no ID. Sure. However, things are changing down there. But for people in North America, every square inch is owned by someone and you gotta get permission to buy the land, have it built their way from unnatural resources, and all the rest of it. And you would be very favoured to find a piece of land that flourishes with fruit trees and works well with agriculture. But under ideal circumstances, I would love to buy land, build a natural home, and live a self-sustaining life.  

The road of no identification is a hard road. To those who choose it under Scriptural conviction, the Almighty is Healer, Provider, Shelter, Shield, Strength, Portion, etc. That is, unless we think Scripture is simply a product of cultural mythological stories. I don’t think that. And I have had plenty of wonderful experiences with the Most High. For now, the only thing I may be able to do is to ensure that my children, the future generation, stay out of this abominable system of slavery. That means to keep them away from identification as much as possible, out of the brain-washing educational system, and help to provide a self-sustaining future for them which is cashless. And maybe that is what YaH is calling our generation to do.

I m doubtful that there will be another 20 to 100 years left. That is not to say it won't be so. Meanwhile, our governments are trying to speculate how they are going to save the world, the environment, and build spaceships to move away from this planet into unexplored galaxies and future ages. They think they can find a planet somewhere else that can sustain life so we can destroy that one too. Can we honestly believe our world and people can take another 20 to 100 years of this garbage?

It’s our choice what to believe. I choose to return to the ancient paths of Scriptural living as much as possible, to pray for the deliverance of YaH out of this slavery and to accept His Sovereignty alone. If He wants me out of the identification system, He must provide a means of deliverance. If that means I must wait for Him to physically overthrow the governments of this world, then so be it. But if the government comes along and asks if we want our retinas scanned, or a microchip put into our bodies that contains all our information, we must firmly decline. Have you made up your mind on these issues? What are your thoughts? Feel free to share.    

Comfort Amidst Whip-breaking 

             I would like to speak about the positive benefits of slavery to the worldly nations and rulers. Lies always have a measure of truth to them, or no one would believe them. Such is the case with slavery to worldly nations and rulers. That is why most people sit comfortably with little complaints about this system we are under. They might grumble about the gas prices or the unrighteousness of the court systems at times, or how cops needlessly taser innocent people, or what political leader didn’t fulfill such and such a promise… but for the most part they are comfortable. They put up with the regular 9 to 5 flipping burgers or trading stocks. Then they go home and party, drink, or “escape” from the realities of life through various forms of “entertainment” as they call it. But all in all, there is comfort amidst the whips cracking our backs. The health care is sometimes helpful, saving lives through surgery in emergency situations. The global trade has allowed us to eat different foods from around the world (although this can be debated as being bad). Indeed, even those that came out of bondage in Scriptural times were able to remember how nice it was to have the “leeks and onions” that they had in M'tsrayim (Egypt).  

But there really isn’t much about these worldly governments and rulers to be thankful for. There are few comforts amidst the overwhelming depression of this slavery. They have messed with our food and water supply, our clothing, created a so-called “need” for cars and airplanes because they separated us from communal living, they have mentally-drugged the population with their media agenda and deceived us into modern-day unscriptural living in numerous ways. But see, they are increasing their evils, their oppression and their violence.

The Call to Come Out

             The call from the no-ID people to come out of the system is a call which few can respond to. It takes a lot of money to truly leave the ID behind, to stop using cars, to buy land and build a home, to have the fruit trees, agriculture, and animals ready to survive as a self-sustaining family unit or a community of families. But such is my dream, and such would be a dream come true. And if the Almighty tells
me to ditch the ID and do something, I will heed His words. But the bottom line is that most of us will not have a way out of this, as per the cash needed. Most of the no-ID people still try to drive cars and are still working under the table in meaningless “system” jobs like the rest of us… because they didn’t have the cash or know-how to do what is stated above.

The point I am making here is that there is a call to come out of the governments and rulerships of this world, its modern-living, and all the rest of it. That call is a Scriptural call from the Almighty Himself, like He did with Abrahaym and Y'shr'Al (Israel). Certainly there are lots of ways that we can do that in our lifestyle choices, obedience to His laws and commands, etc. But HE must be the One who delivers us out of the system of p'rai'h (pharaoh). History repeats. YaH will deliver His people. He will gather them back to His land. He will reign. At least, that is the vision we see in D'bayrim (Deut.) 28-32. Until then, let us watch and pray. Let us think on these matters and ask YaH what He would have us to do.

Now it’s Your Turn

              Yes, now it is your turn. Feel free to respond to this article and let me know what you think, if you have anything to add, or otherwise. Until next time, may YaH favour you and keep you. YaH be with you.

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