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Torah/Law/Commands and Lifestyle Issues

NEW! Compassion, Forgiveness, Repentance and the Nature of Adawm (Humanity). The most essential elements of what our world is in dire need of today are compassion, forgiveness and repentance. To gain this, one must understand the nature of Adawm (male and female) in relation to the Most High Creator.

Engraving the Commandments. We are commanded to engrave the commands on our homes according to D'bayrim (Deut.) 6:4-9. This article speaks to the why, how and significance of that.

The American Dream vs. Turah on Pregnancy. Taken from a Facebook Note published, dealing with the issue of fertility, birth "control" vs. natural fertility monitoring in relationship to the Creator.

Staying at Home on Sh'bayt (Sabbath). An article in contrast to the multitudes who assemble at "temples, churches & synagogues" on the typical Roman 7th day.

The Menstrual Cycle, Emissions of Semen and Uncleanness. A short article dealing with these issues from the Turah (Law).

Is Marijuana/Cannabis in the Turah (Law)? Numerous people rationalize their smoking of marijuana by referring to Sh'moot (Ex.) 30:23 and the phrase "Qonuh B'shim" (commonly in Masoretic 'Qoneh Bosem'). In this article we examine the claims of these marijuana-smoking advocates.

Contract and Oath with the Most High. The truth that YaH has an oath with those who seek Him and follow the Way of the Most High. Another free look at some of the content in The Path of the Most High. The Most High has indeed sai
d that we must fear Him and swear by His Name.

Cutting the Foreskin. Mark of our Bodily Tent in Oath with YaH. Examines the truth about cutting the foreskin (commonly called "circumcision").

You Will Wear Fringes. An article examining the commandment to wear fringes (tsitsat) on our clothing (B'medbayr (Num.) 15:37-41). See my new YouTube video based on this article - Fringes/Tassels/Tsitsat

The Robe of the Most High. An article dealing with how we should dress Scripturally. Speaks to the issue of robes for males and dresses for ladies.

The Need for Scriptural Oils. Essential oils are an intricate part of the Turah (Law) of YaH, and a favour to our lives in numerous ways. They can be used in aromatherapy, external and internal use.

Tearing Down the Images. A Scriptural perspective on movies, tv, photos, statues and etcetera. This article asks what role imagery should play in our lives according to Scripture.

Bite Your Tongue. A Lesson in Lashun H'ra (evil speech) and more. It is about dedicating our language, heart, ears and lips to the Most High.

Habit Change. A step by step program on how we can change habits and lifestyle. Want to change a bad habit or cultivate a Scriptural and beneficial habit? Do you want to live Scriptural but have issues fighting temptation and compromise with the world and modern B'bayl (Babylon)? We pray this will help.

Reciting Favour Over our Children. Some recitations we can say in love for children, especially on festival days as a family. Praise YaH. Based on B'medbayr (Num.) 6:24-26.

Vocabulary 101: Restoring a Pure Language. This is a bit of an article and list of a number of terms people use in their daily language and worship which are of false origins and/or are outdated. It shows how we can restore purity in this regard by using other terms. 

NEW! Gawd (God) and Lord are names of false mighty ones and terms of false worship. A very short and to the point article on the facts of the origins of these false names/terms and how we ought to properly address the Creator.

Hair and Head-Coverings. The significance of hair and head-coverings in Scripture. Includes thoughts on veils and so forth for ladies as well. Gives info on Kap'h (Kippa) vs. Turban also! See the video on Turban Tying. Nothing fancy and no special effects, but I pray it will be helpful to those who watch and find interest.

Doctrinal Issues of the Turah (Scripture)

The Real Mount Seen'ee (Sinai) in Saudi Arabia. This is an updated excerpt from my 3rd edition of The Path of the Most High. This short excerpt is revelation of the REAL Mount Seen'ee (Sinai) known as Jabal Maqla, in Saudi Arabia. It is located in the Jabal al Looz (Lawz) mountain range. A must read!

The Form of YaH. A very short article speaking to the issue of the physical form/body of YaH. An issue that most people believe is not literal or physical, but which the Turah (Law) uses literal descriptions for.

Khenuk (Enoch) the Idolator? In this issue of the Way of the Most High, I confront Samaritan "sages" who assassinate the righteous character of Khenuk (Enoch) who "walked with Alahym (the Mighty One)," as well as looking at whether Khenuk (Enoch) died or ascended.

Are There Two YaHs? What about the "Word of YaH?" People have long had issues with texts like B'rasheet (Gen.) 19:24 and Sh'moot (Ex.) 23:20. It is the idea that there is more than one YaH or that Yeshua/Jesus is YaH. It is very confusing depending on who you ask. But New Testament believers often attempt to shoehorn the blasphemer into these texts. They have a tough time with idioms like "hayah dabayr YaHUAH al-Abram," meaning "and then came to be the word of YaHUAH to Abram." Hopefully this article will clarify these ancient idioms and concepts so people can better understand Scripture (Turah).

The Rebellion that Never Was... Satan. This article examines the issue of "Satan" primarily in the Turah (Law), and also from the writings and beliefs outside of the realm of the Turah (Law). Once and for all, let us deal with that "dastardly little devil." You might be surprised to find out that the only reference to a "Sh'then" (satan) in the Turah (Law) is to YaH as an "adversary!"

The Messenger of YaH. This article examines the concept of the "Melak YaHUAH" or "messenger of YaH" (falsely called "Angel of the LORD"). People quite often believe that this refers to YaH Himself, and thus they give to a messenger, a servant, an honour and exaltation which belongs only to YaH. This is blasphemy. Check this out for the Scriptural evidence. A lot of people worship Yeshua/Jesus, believing him to be the messenger of YaH spoken of in Scripture.

The Identity Crisis. A lot of people are going around saying they are "Naftali" (properly and N'p'tali) and so forth, claiming tribal affiliation. They believe they are "Hebrews" (properly "Aibreem"). It is fine to call oneself Y'shr'Al (Israel) or Yahudi (one who worships YaH). But it is another thing to imagine what tribe you are a part of, based on your own thoughts, with no paternal lineage, and no presence of YaH in His House to ascribe you such an inheritance.

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