The Way of the Most High

‘‘Exalting belief in our Father, the Most High YaHUAH, through His Turah, the 5 scrolls of M'shih (Moses: Genesis to Deuteronomy).’’

 "And now, Y'shr'Al (Israel), what does (YaH Most High) your Mighty One ask from you? It is to fear at (YaH) your Mighty One, to walk in all His ways, and to love at Him, and to serve at (YaH) your Mighty One with all your heart and with all your being. To guard at the commandments of (YaH), and at His statutes which even I command you this day for your wonderfulness (D'bayrim (Deut.) 10:12-13). Praise !

 Welcome to “the Way”

I serve (YaHUAH), known as "YaH" in "haylaluYaH" (commonly "hallelujah"). There is hardly any place wherein the people do not know this phrase. This is the Name which you see in our work, and is known as "early semitic" script. He is the Most High, our Creator, Father and Redeemer. He offers life, forgiveness, redemption and a way of life seen through His Turah (Law), the first five scrolls of Scripture primarily. B'rasheet (Genesis), Sh'moot (Exodus), Wa'y'qora (Leviticus), B'medbayr (Numbers) and D'bayrim (Deuteronomy).  

     Whether you have no Scriptural knowledge or very little knowledge, there is a “way” of life in Scripture through the Almighty Father that is waiting for you. In Aibreet (Hebrew script), “the path” or “the way” is known as “ha'Darak” (commonly "derech"). This “way” of life and teaching is written of throughout Scripture. The primary example of this "darak" is found in D'bayrim (Deut.) 6:7, where YaH states that we are to speak of His commands in our dwelling at home, walking IN THE PATH (b'darak), when we lie down and when we rise up. This "path" or "way" of the Most High is a lifestyle of commandments, Scriptural knowledge, righteousness, love and repentance as explained in the Turah (Scripture).     

         Our exhortation to return to the ancient paths comes directly from D'bayrim (Deut.) 32:7. "Remember (zakar) the days (y'mut) of old (ayulam), understand (baynu) the years (sh'nut) of generation (dar) upon generation (wa-dar). Ask (sh'al) your father (abika - ultimately YaH our Father in 32:6), and He (in reference to YaH) will show you (wa-y'gad'ka)..."
        The majority of the world's population today does not know the "Way" of the Most High. They do not know the Almighty or what is offered to Adawm (mankind) in the truth of Scripture. They do not know that the Turah (Scripture) is confirmed by archaeology, history, science and most importantly... prophecy. And if it is true in the past from the greatest prophet who ever lived, M'shih (Moses), then you can bet that what remains to happen in the future will happen. Place your trust in Scripture, and follow the narrow "Way" of the Almighty. I do my best to provide articles and information on this site which is in accordance with the Turah (Scripture). Your involvement is welcomed. Current articles are due to the fact that others have helped to understand this path of the Most High.

Sha'ul bayn Yahukhenun ha Yahudah

The Way of the Most High         Canada.             

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