About Sha'ul

         It isn't often that you can go to a website and find out who is behind it. There are lots of fantastic websites but do you really know them? There are people on my email list, Facebook and off the screen that know who I am and what I stand for. They work together with me in prayer as we strengthen each other. I've received lots of suggestions for this website and my YouTube channel. That makes this entire work worthwhile.

            At times it has been a struggle to change beliefs, study Scripture, start and continue my work for YaH in the face of opposition, learn the original language of Scripture and maintain my sanity in this crazy world. But I have found that the more a person gives their heart to the Almighty and humbles themselves to Scripture, the more that we are anointed and prosper. YaH is great and I am very thankful for each day of life, food and shelter. 

          I come from a single parent family and bad decisions and habits that were formed in my teenage years and troubled me through much of my adult life. This statement should be explained by the fact that modern society is a system seeking to destroy the family unit. Marriages are less than 50% permanent in North America. The whole dating system perpetuates that by involving people in unstable relationships, children born out of wedlock and so on and so forth.  I can say praises to the Most High because He is able to overcome all of those issues and grant us clean hands and a pure heart. He gives newness of life and a new identity and lifestyle according to His Turah (Law). It is through this that I have become a strong male and do my best as a righteous father of four children to be kind to them and serve and love others. The Creator has also preserved my marriage. YaH has to give us a new beginning and write His laws and words upon our hearts, which definitely takes time. And if He helped me with my poor habits, lifestyle and the modern abominations of life, He can deliver you! It takes most people close to 3 months to go through the materials on this website and the pages of the articles herein can fill a big binder easily. I know because several people have told me that they printed them all off and went through it all. YaH continues to show how to come out of the ways, customs, habits and lifestyle of the nations. YaH can give you the victory!

           I pursued a degree in religious studies in my 20's, thinking that there was something that the Almighty was calling me to do. I knew there was something more that He had for me, but I didn’t know what. My focus was on counseling, with an emphasis on “theology” to become a pastor in Christendom. I did my first year in Alberta, Canada, and my second year in Jamaica. After my second year, I returned home in the summer. But that summer was a time when I began to realize the bag of lies that I had been sold throughout childhood and into Protestant Christianity. It took about a year to transition into “Messianic Judaism,” and several more years to reject Messianic Judaism and believe in the Most High alone and His Turah (5 scrolls of M'shih - Moses alone). It is this most recent change to following YaH and the Turah (Law) which is the hardest, and which makes one most accountable to the commands of YaH and having to give up old habits and ways of life. Each of the changes noted above took time, heartache, prayer, thorough study and thought. Out of honesty to the Most High and to ourselves, people need to study issues such as the Trinity/Oneness, Law/Turah, Feast days and Calendar issues, the validity and accuracy of the New Testament, animal offerings, transgressions and atonement, and much more. There is also an abundance of lifestyle issues that the Turah (Law) speaks to, such as health, reconciliation, menstrual cycles or emission of semen or clean and unclean matters that our modern society has lost touch with. That is what led me to where I am today. It has been a humbling experience. There is a need to let go of preconceived ideas, let Scripture speak for itself, learn the original languages of Scripture and actually believe and practice Scripture in a literal and spiritual way.

              In summary, the Way of the Most High is a way of life of strict standards as to what we watch, don’t listen to secular music and actually live according to ancient Scripture as much as possible. Scripture is not simply a book about history or the product of a “cultural people” long ago that has changed with modernization. It is not often that people hate modernization, imagery and the modern way of life. But mostly all that society has done is a departure from ancient Scriptural lifestyle. That is how we view it and this is what we stand for. We stand as a witness about the Most High and His Turah (Scripture). It is possible to have an oath-relationship with the Almighty and to obey as much of His Scriptures as possible. This website is not about ranting and raving against the “New Testament” or the so-called “Anointed Son” (known to most as “Jesus” or “Yeshua”). While we deal with these issues in an honest manner to help others, it is not the focus or goal of our site. Nor is it our goal to convert others to what is stated on this site. Our goal, as stated on our home page, is to have fellowship with others, share what we have learned through Scripture and help others to grow in Scripture with us. Our goal is also to learn from others in order to continue that growth and continue to help others. So this is not only about doctrine. Scripture emphasizes our actual DOING of righteousness. This is to present a way of life that is taught in Scripture through this website, that others may walk it and be a light and an oath to the nations.

          The Most High Father YaHUAH does not physically leave His throne in sh'meyim (the expanse/heaven) to dwell with us, but the Spirit of the Most High is over us and in us. In this About Sha'ul section of this site, I can only begin to tell of the things that He has done for me, not to mention the things He did for His people throughout the ages. There is a reason why the Almighty is called “the Mighty One (Alahym) of Awbrahaym, the Mighty One of Y'tsakheq (Isaac), and the Mighty One of Y'shr'Al (Jacob/Israel)” (see Sh’moot (Ex.) 3:6)! It is because of what He has done for them and us. And until we recognize ourselves as the people of the Most High, and of what He has done through the ages, and of what He is doing for us today… then Scripture is only a book.

             Sadly, most people see the Turah (Scripture) of M'shih (Moses) as a book that is outdated. They think it is filled with “stories” and “examples” for us to follow. They may choose a few of its morals and commandments to follow in a very literal way. They may see the laws of Wa'y'qora (Lev.) 11 to be scientifically healthier for us in terms of diet. They may see the need for rest and do their best to observe some sort of “Sabbath.” But for the majority of the world, Scripture will always be a book that they inwardly hate. They like the self-entertainment of cell phones, internet, tv, movies, and all the rest of it. Surely there is a place for rightly using phones and internet, but there is no place for unclean tv and movies. There is no place for secular music in the Scriptural believer’s life. What I am showing in this short section is that we have been called out of the world. We have been called out of the darkened world to be a light TO the world (D'bayrim (Deut.) 28:10). But 99% of those who claim to be Scriptural believers are nothing like this. They are so involved with the modernization and abominations of the world with its delicacies and drunkenness that you cannot tell the difference between them and the world. They are not people that STAND OUT to those around them, as D'bayrim (Deut.) 28:10 shows the people of the Most High to be.

            I am doing my best to follow the calling of the Most High. I work hard, do my best to be kind to others and extend love and compassion to others. I keep myself away from the "adult entertainment" of the world and any other transgressions of the commands of the Most High. And lastly, I do my best to share the truth of YaH and the Turah (Law) with the world in various ways, be it music, videos or in volunteering or acts of kindness.  

            At times it is a lonely walk. So if you are starting on the true path of Scripture, understand that it is not easy. You probably already know this. Society does not understand us, and people do not generally like us. They wonder why we can’t simply conform to normative “Judaism” or why we couldn’t sit in our pew, behave and not question our former Christianity. They wonder why we won't go to the bar, movies or clubs they go to. But of course this is no different than Scriptural times. In Scripture, we see that the followers of the Highest (exalted be His Name) were ridiculed, persecuted and exiled. Perhaps people think you are a bit weird, maybe a little too “fanatical” or “cultish.” They might say you are following a pagan book which is the result of the sophistry of flesh, myths, and culture. They see no value in it. The truth is, they are so selfish and modern-society minded that they are not doing anything of everlasting value and cannot see beyond this age and their current physical life, and they have not learned from history and archaeology. And they will not come to the Most High and His Turah (Scripture). But as a solitary person for YaH, each of us must stand, and in time of death, be able to say... I repented and lived a righteous life and I can die with a clean mind and heart. 

            To make a long story short, feel free to email. I long to meet others who care about Scripture. YaH has done great things for me, and I can’t tell the whole of it here. Keep a prayer journal as I do, and look back after a week and see how your prayers were answered. Yes, the Almighty does exist and has done wonderfully for me! And I pray that He will do wonderfully for you. May you overcome all transgressions and rebellion. May you progress in Scriptural wisdom, understanding, and truth. May YaH favour you and keep you. It is my prayer that this website will reflect the truth of Scripture for others to see and live.

                     Sh'loom (peace),

                     YaH khey (YaH lives).


Sha'ul bayn Yahukhenun ha Yahudah


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