Core Beliefs

These are my main beliefs. They are clearly illustrated throughout the articles, blogs and home page. Certainly more could be added to this list, but these are certainly core issues of worship and Scriptural foundational beliefs. I welcome any suggestions for editing, re-evaluation or if you have others you think should be in this list.

1.      The Turah (5 scrolls of M'shih (Moses)). That Scripture is prophetically proven through history, archaeology, and we should accept it as more than a book composed of scrolls written by different writers at different times. Prophecies like D'bayrim (Deut.) 28,30 and 32 could not have been contrived by the sophistry of myth, culture, or the invention of the imagination of M'shih (Moses). This prophecy predicted the curses and exile of Y'shr'Al (Israel) after the time of M'shih (Moses) down to its current state. It is also fact that places such as the Dead Sea give weight to the events of Scripture such as Sadawm (Sodom) and Aym'rah (Gemorrah). There is also the Real Mount Seen'ee (Sinai) in Saudi Arabia which was discovered after the Aibreem (Hebrews) crossed from the “Sinai Peninsula” over the Gulf of Aqaba. This mountain of the "quarry" (maqla) is Mount Seen'ee (Sinai), and is the very place from which the 12 pillars, representing the 12 tribes of Y'shr'Al (Israel), were quarried from. This is why YaH states that He is the Rock that birthed His people Y'shr'Al (Israel) (D'bayrim (Deut.) 32:18). Near Jabal Maqla or Mount Seen'ee (Sinai) is "Jabal al Lawz (pronounced Looz/Luz)." Looz is Mount Kh'rab (Horeb), where the split rock is located, along with a nearby mass graveyard following the golden calf incident. These geographical locations, which have been combed by numerous adventurers and archaeologists now, are identified as the locations in the Exodus account. The Gulf of Aqaba is known as “Ya'meh Soop” (Red Sea or Sea of Reeds) in Scripture (Sh'moot (Ex.) 10:19). Scriptural prophecy and archaeology is proven to be true and we place our trust in the Most High and His words in the Turah (Law/Command/Instruction). These writings were in place long before the “New Testament.” The central claim of the “New Testament” is that “Yeshua/Jesus” was written of and prophesied in the "Old Testament" as they call it. Although this is false, those who claim to believe in “Yeshua/Jesus” must therefore go to the "Old" before studying their “New Testament.” It behooves Jews, Christians, Messianics and all followers of the Most High to learn the original language of the Turah (Scripture) which is Aibreet (Hebrew), to know it and follow it inside out for themselves. Following an English translation or using tools like concordances is elementary. Following a pastor or rabbi’s interpretation or application or translation of the Scriptures is simply not enough. If we want to understand the truth of the Scriptures of the Most High, we must have as much love for this text as the scribes who painstakingly penned it, and learn it for ourselves.

2.      (YaHUAH) is the Single (One) and Only Mighty One (Alahym). YaHUAH is “Our Father” as proclaimed in D'bayrim (Deut.) 32:6. He is Al Sh'dai (Almighty – B'rasheet (Gen.) 17:1) and Al Aylyun (Most High – B'rasheet (Gen.) 14:18). He alone is our Mighty One (Sh'moot (Ex.) 20:3), and He has declared that there is no other (Sh'moot (Ex.) 34:14). He has stated also that "there is none (ki ayn) like YaHUAH our Mighty One (Al'haynu)" (8:6).  We are not to mention the names of other mighty ones (Sh'moot (Ex.) 23:13). Interestingly enough, the Most High has used people like M'shih (Moses), whose name means to “draw out" as in the deliverance of YaH. But ultimately, He alone is our Deliverer. He alone is our Sovereign (Adoon), Rock (Tsoor), and Mighty One (Alahym). YaH alone led His people and there was no strange mighty one (D'bayrim (Deut.) 32:12). Forever He is “YaHUAH,” “the Mighty One of Abrahaym, the Mighty One of Y'tsakheq (Isaac), and the Mighty One of Yaiqob (Jacob)” (Sh'moot (Ex.) 3:15)! He says “For (ki) YaHUAH is He (hua), the Mighty One (ha Alahym), there is no (ayn) other (ayud) beside Him (m'l'badu)" (D'bayrim (Deut.) 4:35). The Creator who worked on our planet and established it. It behooves Christians and Messianics to read the original language of the Turah (Scripture) and all references to the Most High. Having done such a study ourselves, Alish'bai and I have witnessed and revealed here that the “New Testament” has taken texts that applied contextually to the Most High and applied it to “Yahushua/J.C.” 

3.      That Scripture is a message of redemption, a call to know the Most High, and a call to obey His Turah (Law). He will restore all things. As Creator, He is also Sovereign (B'rasheet (Gen.) 15:2 - Adani - my Sovereign). As Sovereign, all of His creation is His domain. As such, He has a government. If we accept His Sovereignty, redemption, and government, then we will abide by His Scriptural commands, instructions, and ancient paths of life… as far as possible. This is called “Turah” or “Law.” It is only those who hate rules and regulations and love self-entertainment and self-government who would oppose the Turah of YaH. We who love the Almighty will live “qodash” (set-apart) as He is “qodush” (Wa'y'qora (Lev.) 11:44). You may find plenty of articles on Turah/Lifestyle Issues in the Articles section.

4.      That those who believe in the Almighty and His Turah (Scriptures) are “followers of the Way” or “joined” to YaH. This “way” of life and teaching is written of throughout Scripture, as in texts like D'bayrim (Deut.) 6:7 quoted on the home page of our website. The strangers and foreigners and all peoples of the globe are invited to join themselves in an oath-relationship to the Most High. Much like the people of M'tsrayim (Egypt) in the “Exodus” account, the people of the world today have an opportunity to be delivered from physical and spiritual bondage by joining themselves in conversion to the Most High. All are invited to be “called out” of the world, to be a part of His people. We may call ourselves "Y'shr'Al" (Israel) or "Yahudim" (those who worship YaH), but tribal affiliation is future. Tribal association will be dealt with in a time of the establishment of the elders, judges and priests in the presence of the House of YaH. It is not for us to contrive a tribe to ourselves. Prior to the twelve tribes of Y'shr'Al (Israel), YaH had called a number of people to serve Him, like He did with Nuakh (Noah). And the priest of M'din (Midian) was a priest of the Most High prior to the establishment of the nation of Y'shr'Al ( Israel ) and the priesthood of L'wi (Levi). YaH calls people out of the world to be His own. While the foreigner and stranger is not the literal seed of the twelve tribes of Y'shr'Al (Israel), they are invited to become a part of the people of the Most High, and treated as one that is born of the twelve tribes of Y'shr'Al (Israel)… even though they were not. The only thing is not to ascribe tribal affiliation. Tribal affiliation is determined by the priesthood and YaHUAH in the presence of His Tent. For more on this issue, see our article on The Identity Crisis

5.      That we must follow the calendar of the Most High which is governed by the 12 constellations, the sun and moon, and agriculture. The Roman calendar as we know it today is a great error and falsehood to place one’s trust in. Today's Roman calendar came by way of progress from one Roman calendar to the next. For details on this deep and most troublesome Scriptural subject, please see our section on Calendar Stuff. The feasts described in Wa'y'qora (Lev.) 23 are to be kept as far as possible, regardless of whether we are able to fulfill the command to go up to the land of YaH or not, until the day when YaH establishes His deliverance, His reign and we may all truly fulfill them in full.

6.      That apart from the calendar of the Most High, we ought to obey all commandments and instructions and the whole of the Turah (Scripture), to the best of our ability, as far as possible. 

7.      That the one known as “Yahushua/Jesus/Yeshua” is not the “Son of the Most High” or the “Son of Adawm (Man)” or any other such “divine” being or reference in the Turah (Scripture). Because Yeshua/Jesus is referred to as "Mighty One" (KJV “God”) in quite a few places of the “New Testament,” this poses a problem to those who believe in the Turah (Law). If Yeshua/Jesus was a historical person, then the claim that he was Alahym (Mighty One), along with His teaching against the Turah (Scripture) in Matt. 5:34 for example and other blasphemies would certainly have got him killed. We have given evidence to consider these matters in our What's Wrong with the New Testament section of our site. Those of us who believe in the Most High and His Scriptures have rejected the ideas, claims and teachings of the “New Testament” for close to 2000 years. Historically speaking, there is nothing that proves Yeshua/Jesus Christ ever lived. There is no proof that such a person ever died under “Pontius Pilate” and rose from the dead. Historically speaking, we find nothing of the city of "Nazareth" as a populated city in the first century, the slaughter of children under the age of two by the order of Herod, or the resurrection of Yeshua/Jesus. Certainly Philo, Josephus and others seem to refer to Yeshua/Jesus, along with the Talmud, but most of these references were added or edited by later Christian editors. Those that were not, were references to Yeshua/Jesus based on assumption that he existed by people long after the year 70CE. There have been numerous meetings and conferences amongst Christians along themes such as “The Synoptic Problem,” identifying issues in the “New Testament” “gospels.” These conferences have revealed over and over that something is wrong, but they simply haven’t clued in yet. There is a majority of evidence that is filling books at this current time. It is easy to see the faults of the “New Testament” when you are able to read the Aibreet (Hebrew script) of the Scriptures. In our view, “Jesus” is the figment of mythological religions such as the worship of Mithra, Tammuz, and others. We find it sad that most people will never examine the evidence of our website, the Turah (Scripture), and other websites and works like ours. It was hard for my wife and I to come to the reality of these matters ourselves, to deny the “New Testament” and believe only in the Most High and His Turah (Scripture). We are more than willing to discuss these issues with others. It is high time for people to get right with the Most High and His Turah (Scripture).  

8.      That rabbinical texts like the Talmud or otherwise are not to be authoritative on Scripture. These writings and commentaries are almost as bad as the “New Testament,” changing the original words of the Turah (Scripture), and inserting their own comments and thoughts which often contradict the original text. YaH warned not to add or take away from His words/commandments in D'bayrim (Deut.) 4:2. These writings outside of the Turah (Scripture) are ten times more voluminous than the Turah (Scripture) itself and make for much time wasted. These oral traditions, commentaries and teachings will go into the sub-conscious mind and people will believe that it is in the Turah (Scripture) even though it isn’t. It will be hard to remember if they found such thoughts in the Turah (Scripture) or not.

9.      That modern-day Judaism, Karaite Judaism, Samaritan Judaism, Christianity/Roman Catholicism, Islam, Messianic Judaism have all taken the Turah (Scripture) and twisted it into their new religions. The adherents of these religions and their relevant texts such as the Talmud or Qur’an or New Testament must turn to the Turah (Scripture) and learn the original text in order to come out of these lies.

10.    That the Land/Ground/Earth is mostly flat, with the waters below separated from the waters above. A firmament or dome encloses the flat land. There is no globe. People never left in a rocket to go to the moon. Rockets cannot pass the Van Allen belts. All communication and tracking and so forth is done on the ground through triangulation from dishes or towers or the like. There are no satellites even as no rocket has gone to the moon. The government guards the outer edges of the flat land and the only treaty that is made with ALL countries that is kept is the treaty of guarding the ice wall keeping people away from the edges. All airline flights are based on a flat plane and never adjust for any curvature or "spinning globe" theory of a 1000 km/hr spin. That NASA and numerous others of Rome in centuries prior have deceived the world into believing that we live on a globe instead of a flat plane through computer generated imagery (CGI). The Scriptural account of creation using a flat plane and glass dome are truthful and contrary to modern day globalism beliefs. For more info, see the Flat Plane versus Globe page of this site. 



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