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Welcoming people to the Way of the Most High, recapping  previous work, thanking supporters for 1000+ likes, and challenging false shepherds of the world. Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion, Oprah Winfrey, Dwayne Johnson, Robert Melnichuk, Michael Coren, Lyle Notice, Martin Hanna, Joel Osteen, Ravi Zacharias, Michael Rood, Doug Bachelor, Ray Comfort, Creflo Dollar, Keith Johnson, World's Last Chance, Nehemiah Gordon, Michael Skobac, Tovia Singer, Asher Meza, pastors, rabbis and imams of Christianity, Judaism and Islam.
Tsuri, meaning "My Rock," is a song inspired by Psalm 62:6-9. "Ak (truly) la'Alahym (unto the Mighty One) doomi (I have waited) n'payshi (my being) kee-memenu (for from Him) taq'uati (is my cord/expectation). Ak (truly) hua (He) Tsuri (my Rock) wa-y'shuaiti (and my deliverance) meshgabi (my refuge) la (not) amuth (shaken). Ayl (upon) Alahym (the Mighty One) y'shai-ee (my deliverance) wa-kabudi (and my esteem/heaviness) Tsur (Rock) ayzi (my Strength) mekhsi (my refuge) ba'Alahym (in the Mighty One). B'th'khu (trust Him) bu (in Him) b'kal (in all) ayt (time), aym (Oh people), ship'ku (pour to Him) l'payniyu (to His face/Presence) labab'kam (your hearts) Alahym (the Mighty One) mekhsah (refuge) lanu (unto us). Salah (meditate)." Original score by Sha'ul ha Yahudah. Guitar by Sha'ul ha Yahudah. Ram's horn solo by Mika'Al Y'shr'Al. Violin by Li'Al. Drums by Dani'Al.

 Tahaylah (Psalm) 104:1,14-15. This is a song made for Psalm 104:1,14-15 which is used before eating meals. It speaks of the greatness of YaH who provides grass for the cattle, herbs for the service of Adawm, oil to make the face shine and wine to make glad the heart of Adawm.

Songs we have done and published to Sha'ul's Podomatic podcast.

Lakhem (Bread). See Sha'ul's song and transliteration in the above YouTube video.

Rapaynu (Our Healer): B'uakasha (please) la (no) aykah (cry). Rukhu (His Spirit) rapaynu (our Healer).

New Tune: Pa'aym (once) abaydah (lost) pa'aymeh (now) metsati (I am found) Yadai (know) Yah Sh'mer (guard) Turah oo-ah-khey (and live) Ayulam (forever) Ayulam.
I pray you will enjoy watching this 13 minute Sakoot (Feast of Tents) video. This was by far the best Sakoot we have ever celebrated. We were able to sleep in it and enjoy the week in there. I am working on perfecting video work and I didn't use separate audio recording so it isn't as I would like. Please keep my video work in prayer.

         People have often asked what kind of movies or music I like to listen to, or what I could suggest for others who are on this path. I must sadly say that I have found very little that I could agree with or truly consider acceptable. Please feel free to send in your suggestions if you find anything, and I'll look at it.

Tahaylah (Psalm) 104:1,14-15. A recitation song done before eating meals.

Qodush l'YaHUAH. Done in Aibreet (Hebrew) with translation.  Guitar chords at the bottom of the page in the document. 

Here are a few artists and songs that I have found enjoyable. You can Google the names of the artists and songs that don’t have links below. Most times, people buy a whole cd and only agree with or enjoy a couple songs based on Scripture. So what we have done here is to compile a list of single songs here and how to get them. You can email the artists and ask if you can have the single song or songs that we have suggested. I do not promote the downloading of songs that are not directly linked to artists. That is piracy/stealing.


         Shlomo Gronich, Journey to the Source cd, I approve of  his "Qol Shofar" song. This means the "voice of the ram's horn," which was how the voice of YaHUAH sounded upon Hayr Seen'ee (Mt. Sinai - Sh'moot (Ex.) 19:15-19). I would transliterate this as "Qool Shupayr."

Songs that use “YaHUAH” by Love Shalom Ministry ( which worship YaH alone and are Scripturally sound:

            Your Name is Forever, YaHuWaH



           My favourite instrumentals are those Jewish ones called "niggun," meaning a "melody." Shlomo Katz produced one of my favourites, entitled "Yahrtzeit Niggun" or "Niggun of the birds" which you can find on iTunes.

            Der Gazebo by Brian Bender is a song I bought from Brian Bender's website by Paypal. You can also listen to 2-minute samples of each of the other songs he has ( 

           Hava Nasurf by Remnant Eleven is a great upbeat remake of the well-known "Hava Nagila" song. If you want more information, please email them at

           Les Morrison has some great songs on his Messianic Violin cd. You can download the individual mp3 files by purchasing them from This is not to promote New Testament belief in any way.

Miscellaneous Scripturally sound songs:

            See my Youtube channel WayoftheMostHigh and view the Worship playlist. 


You can listen to a number of songs, videos, documentaries and stuff on my YouTube Channel WayoftheMostHigh. There is a Favorites list that includes all kinds of videos that I have enjoyed, Jazz/Instrumental music playlist as well as a Worship music playlist. There are a few videos of our own on the main channel. I do not always agree with some of the images/backgrounds of these YouTube videos, songs and content.


Sha’ul ha Yahudah


Don't Give Up! Aryeh Kunstler, originally by the Moshav Band. Great songs like these provide inspiration and praise unto the Most High YaHUAH.

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