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 What's New to the Way of the Most High? You never know what might be coming out of the oven!

As of 4th Moon Cycle, 28th Day (7M/1D/2019 Slavery-to-Roman-Empire-4th-Reich-Date):

NEW! I have published an article on The Virgin Birth of Yeshua/Jesus. Scripture and Myth. Contains information well beyond the recent debate I had with pastor Matthew Janzen regarding this issue. Details of the development of New Testament Manuscripts, quotations from the New Testament examined, and pagan/heathen myths from the time of Mesopotamia/Assyria that long predated these New Testament concepts.  

As of 4th Moon Cycle, 28th Day (7M/1D/2019 Slavery-to-Roman-Empire-4th-Reich-Date):

NEW! I have published our YouTube video debate with Matthew Janzen of Ministers New Covenant hosted by Sean Griffin of Kingdom in Context regarding the falsehood of the "virgin birth" of Yeshua/Jesus on our What's Wrong with the New Testament page. This debate was a huge success and sure to provoke thought and study. See also my upcoming article in expanded form with extra content on The Virgin Birth of Yeshua/Jesus.

As of 2nd Moon Cycle, 20th Day (5M/6D/2018 Slavery-to-Roman-Empire-4th-Reich-Date):

NEW! I have updated our Calendar for this 8th Moon Cycle. This is the Creator's Calendar. Each month and week within the month is determined by the cycle of the moon's light. It is a clock or timepiece. I've also updated the World Crescent Sightings page.

As of 2nd Moon Cycle, 20th Day (5M/6D/2018 Slavery-to-Roman-Empire-4th-Reich-Date):

NEW! It is that time of the year again when I go over all the content and pages of this website and make sure everything is tidy, neat, works and that the content is true. Did you know: receives over 1200 page views every month? When I first started this website several years ago there were maybe 100-300 page views per month. That means that in the past few years, there has been a threefold increase in people wanting to know YaH and a righteous way of life exemplified in the Turah (Scripture). Keep up the great work of spreading this work. I receive emails weekly from people who are learning from various aspects of the site, whether it be health issues or doctrinal issues. Let me know if you have any suggestions. In the past few moon cycles I have not had time to update the monthly calendar. YaH be with you all.

As of 9th Moon Cycle, 30th Day (12M/18D/2017 Slavery-to-Roman-Empire-4th-Reich-Date):

NEW! I have updated our calendar for this 10th Moon Cycle. I also included a new video regarding the farthest that Adawm has dug down through the land of the flat plane on our globe versus flat plane page. 

As of 11th Moon Cycle, 14th Day (2M/3D/2015 Slavery-to-Roman-Empire-4th-Reich-Date):

Compassion, Forgiveness, Repentance and the Nature of Adawm (Humanity). The most essential elements of what our world is in dire need of today are compassion, forgiveness and repentance. To gain this, one must understand the nature of Adawm (male and female) in relation to the Most High Creator.

As of 3rd Moon Cycle, 21st Night (6M/20D/2014 Slavery-to-Roman-Empire-4th-Reich-Date):

The American Dream vs. Turah on Pregnancy. Taken from a Facebook Note I published, dealing with the issue of fertility, birth "control" vs. natural fertility monitoring in relationship to the Creator.

Pure Distilled Water. A short article about having pure distilled water, compared to city government tap water or other filtered kinds of water.

Is Marijuana/Cannabis in the Turah (Law)? Numerous people rationalize their smoking of marijuana by referring to Sh'moot (Ex.) 30:23 and the phrase "Qonuh B'shim" (commonly in Masoretic 'Qoneh Bosem'). In this article the claims of these marijuana-smoking advocates are examined.

Staying at Home on Sh'bayt (Sabbath). An article in contrast to the multitudes who assemble at "temples, churches & synagogues" on the typical Roman 7th day.

The Menstrual Cycle, Emissions of Semen and Uncleanness. A short article dealing with these issues from the Turah (Law).

As of 11th Moon Cycle, 13th Day (1M/15D/2013 Slavery-to-Roman-Empire-4th-Reich-Date):

Finally you can preview the first 4 chapters of my new work on The Turah of YaHUAH. The first ever Turah (Law) in an accurate English literal translation with ancient Aibreet (Hebrew), and using manuscripts from the Sh'merunit (Samaritan text), Septuagint, Dead Sea Scrolls and common Masoretic texts. Now includes B'rasheet (Gen.) 1-4.

As of 11th Moon Cycle, 1st Night (1M/2D/2014 Slavery-to-Roman-Empire-4th-Reich-Date):

I have updated articles on Cutting the Foreskin and The Calendar of YaH with new info, and referring only from the Turah (Law) of YaH. 

As of 10th Moon Cycle, 11th Night (12M/14D/2013 Slavery-to-Roman-Empire-4th-Reich-Date):

Khenuk (Enoch) the Idolator? In this issue of the Way of the Most High, I confront Samaritan "sages" who assassinate the righteous character of Khenuk (Enoch) who "walked with Alahym (the Mighty One)," as well as looking at whether Khenuk (Enoch) died or ascended.

As of 8th Moon Cycle, 28th Day (11M/1D/2013 Slavery-to-Roman-Empire-4th-Reich-Date):

Tahaylah (Psalm) 104:1,14-15. A recitation song that I do before eating meals. See the video/song on Movies and Music page.

As of 7th Moon Cycle, 20th Night (9M/26D/2013 Slavery-to-Roman-Empire-4th-Reich-Date):

Are There Two YaHs? What about the "Word of YaH?" People have long had issues with texts like B'rasheet (Gen.) 19:24 and Sh'moot (Ex.) 23:20. It is the idea that there is more than one YaH or that Yeshua/Jesus is YaH. It is very confusing depending on who you ask. But New Testament believers often attempt to shoehorn the blasphemer into these texts. They have a tough time with idioms like "hayah dabayr YaHUAH al-Abram," meaning "and then came to be the word of YaHUAH to Abram." Hopefully this article will clarify these ancient idioms and concepts so people can better understand Scripture.

As of
3rd Moon Cycle, 17th Night (5M/27D/2013 Slavery-to-Roman-Empire-4th-Reich-Date):
Updated document on Vocabulary 101: Speaking a Pure Language, which includes terms that are of false origins and what we can substitute them with. Added terms "Hilaria" (reference to Roman orgiastic uncleanness) and "Charity" which was a false female mighty one. Recently added "happy" to the list, which has its origins with Apis/Hapis, also spelled Hapi-Ankh. You can Google that. As for me, I am going to say "peace, joy, elated, glad" and etcetera instead. I also added the term "fidelity" to our banned words list, in relation to the false female mighty one "Fides," and are now using "trustworthy, confirm, verity, reliable" and so forth in place of this word.
If you have a suggestion to a term not on our list, feel free to share.

As of 3rd Moon Cycle, 2nd Night (5M/12D/2013 Slavery-to-Roman-Empire-4th-Reich-Date):

Added all the final forms of modern Masoretic tsawdee, kap, pay and noon to our Al-Bayt (alphabet) document.

As of 8th Moon Cycle, 29th Night (11M/14D/2012 Slavery-to-Roman-Empire-4th-Reich-Date):
Having done further research on the REAL Mount Seen'ee (Sinai) in Saudi Arabia in recent weeks through new information, I have updated the article The REAL Mount Seen'ee (Sinai) in Saudi Arabia.

I finally did our video on Tying a Turban, as referenced in our article regarding Hair and Head-Coverings. I pray that those interested in turbans and caps will enjoy this video.

As of
4th Moon Cycle, 17th Day (7M/7D/2012 Slavery-to-Roman-Empire-4th-Reich-Date):

Today I launched the section on Confronting Judaism, along with my first debate with Rabbi Asher Meza, Confronting Rabbinical Authority with Rabbi Asher Meza.

 Ancient Mezazah (Doorpost) Engraving Text. This is my new document which combines the Sh'mai (Shema commonly) of D'bayrim (Deut.) 6:4-9 and Sh'moot (Ex.) 20:1-14 - the famous "Ayshir (Ten) D'bayrim (Words)" or "Ten Commandments!" Written in ancient Aibreet (Hebrew), followed by the English transliteration, followed by the English translation.

As of
12th Moon Cycle, 24th Day (3M/17D/2012 Slavery-to-Roman-Empire-4th-Reich-Date):
Is Messianic Judaism/Nazarene belief/Christianity really a "sect of Judaism" which simply lost its way as it developed into full blown Yeshua/Jesus-deity-worship? There are numerous people who have attempted to capture the true "historical Yeshua/Jesus." Jesse Jury is one of them. This is a commentary response to Jesse Jury's article on The Jewish Origins of Christianity and the Jewishness of Jesus.

As of 12th Moon Cycle, 8th Night (3M/1D/2012 Slavery-to-Roman-Empire-4th-Reich-Date):

Updated article on Al-Bayt (Alphabet), Names and Vowels to reflect thoughts on ancient Aibreet (Hebrew) I am using in transliterations of Scripture.

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