The Way of the Most High

           Like much of this website, most people in today's modern age will find this page in particular an affront to their thinking. It took me a while to figure out what kind of photo to place as the banner for this page of my website. Primarily because I do not wish to place a shape to the land that YaH created, as numerous other sites have done. The simple understanding I have is that there is a huge land mass with depths the waters fill, with a firmament above. This is what the Scriptures state. I try to avoid imagery in general because it adds an element to the written words of the Turah which often distort what the Creator intended us to receive simply by reading the Scriptures. Having said this, the picture above is really observational and is intended to show that the sun goes down and then back up over the flat land, and not around a globe. It is simple observational truth that anyone can see, amidst numerous other images or concepts that will be discussed herein.

           Before we begin, we should clarify a few misconceptions people have about Scripture on this subject. That is, whenever someone comes to a page like this they expect to see a globe on one side and a square flat model of land on the other. This is a false concept. D'bayrim (Deut.) 32:26 uses the main common form of the word "corner," which in Aibreet (hebrew) is "pay'ah" (H6284), and in no way implies a square corner, but rather the outer border or point of something, such as the border or extremities of one's beard (Wa'y'qora (Lev.) 19:27). Thus, the land we live on may be in the shape of a round and flat disc as opposed to a globe. Point is, the Turah (Genesis to Deuteronomy), and certainly nowhere else in the "Bible," is there any refer to a "globe" or a "square." I challenge anyone to comment publicly on my Facebook page or email me in this regard if they can prove otherwise. Globalists might stop at this point and interject that Y'shaiYahu (Isaiah) said that YaH is seated on the "circle of the earth" (NIV, Y'shaiYahu (Isa.) 40:22). Once again, this is simply a problem of mistranslation followed by misconception. I only address this issue for those who go outside of the Turah and believe in other parts of their Bible. The word here for "circle" is "khoog" (H2329) and simply means a boundary that is drawn, which could be straight or curved. It is not the word for round or ball, which would be "door" (H1754), not found in the Turah, but used in references like Y'shaiYahu (Isa.) 22:18. Okay, so there is a boundary that YaH is enthroned upon. Well now, let us think on this matter for a moment. If there is a boundary that is over the land, that sounds to me like a reference to the sh'meyim or "waters" (meyim) which are above the land, being the firmament which NASA hasn't been able to figure out how to pass. Okay, so far no square model for the land, nor a "circle" or globe. Biblical believers then usually proceed to their last straw, being the word "tabayl," commonly "tebel" or "tevel." There are 36 occurrences of this word outside of the Turah (Genesis to Deuteronomy), none within the Turah. This word is never used in conjunction with the idea of anything round or spherical. It always simply refers to the land, such as Proverbs 8:26. And so we begin with the truth that we are simply on a massive land that is enclosed with a firmament.


           All our lives we are told that we live upon a huge globe, spinning at 1000km per hour, revolving around a sun which is supposedly 93 million miles away, and that people actually went into a ship and crossed through the Van Allen belts to land on the moon. We are told that we live on a crust that has a molten core. Well let me stop all the thinking for a second and simply expose a couple of things real quick to start the ball rolling (pun intended). First of all, it is NOT proven that there is a molten core because no digging operation has ever gone even remotely close to such a thing. The deepest dig that people have ever made into the ground has been 12 KM DOWN!! This was done through the secret Kola Ultra Deep Russian dig operation. Videos of this are on YouTube and numerous references to this information is found all over the internet. Go ahead, check out the video below and let us begin with unfolding the lies of our modern age. Continuing this talk and study and exposure of truth on this subject below this video.

             Ok, so they lied to us about the land we live on and what is under the "crust" because they have never actually dug far enough to go very far. They convinced us of this lie by producing movies like "Journey to the Center of the Earth" to keep us in such strong delusions. So what are you going to believe? Will you believe a "geological layers" model that is presented in school textbooks from people who have never dug past 12km of supposed "crust?" Or will you believe in the Creator who gave us the Turah and who simply said that He made the land or thick mass below, and a firmament or dome or loftiness up above it?
             Alright, well let us take another baby step in this discussion and take it up a
notch. Did you know that there is no colour when you look through a telescope? All you see are dots for the most part. As one astronomy site states, "You might see faint nebula color with 10" and larger telescopes from dark sky observing sites – but for most people the bright colors of nebulas and galaxies will be visible only in long exposure photos" ( And so it is that NASA relies on computer generated imagery (CGI) to complete their lies that they present to the masses as truth. So all those posters and books full of supposed "photos" of the universe are falsifications of limited visibility exaggerated by mindful fantasies of computer sophistry. Check out the example to the right, a photo of M'tsrayim (Egypt) supposedly used as a photo from "Mars." A perfect example of the lies that NASA sells via CGI wizardry. And here's one more.                            

             Consider another of the most grandiose and weird beliefs our modern age has, being the idea that our "globe" is spinning at "1000 miles per hour" according to physics professor Rhett Herman at Radford University in Virginia ( Of course, much like the theory of evolution, those who assert the notion of a spinning globe simply make up numbers as to how fast exactly it is going. Estimates range from 0 to 1040mph (1040 according to geologist Seth Kadish). And yet these same sources will say that although the globe is spinning at 1040mph, yet you are supposedly spinning at only "600mph if you're in the UK" ( This really defies all logic of our current experience and observation. Is your head spinning yet? Would not this spin oppose the force of supposed "gravity?" Wouldn't airline flights have to compensate for the supposed spin if they were traveling in the opposite direction of the spin? This alone proves that we are NOT in fact spinning, as there is no such compensation in air travel. "If the Earth was rotating as we are told (i.e., from west to east in direction), an airplane would have to travel much faster to fly from Los Angeles to Miami than from Miami to Los Angeles. And the required speed to fly west-to-east at cities close to the equator would be much greater than speed needed to go from, say, Toronto to Moscow (since the Earth’s speed of rotation closer to the North Pole would be less than farther to the south)" (
                Below is a video introduction to examining this topic further. It gives serious matters to consider regarding tests of the land we live on, the lunar landings, space programs and satellites.

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