The Scriptures

 Yes, I am creating my very own version of the Turah (Scripture). On one side will be the ancient script, in the middle will be modern Masoretic, and on the other side will be an accurate English translation. This is a monumental task which may take a while. However, it will be posted here as each text is completed.

NEW! Finally you can preview the first 4 chapters of my new work on The Turah of YaHUAH. The first ever Turah (Law) in an accurate English literal translation with ancient Aibreet (Hebrew), and using manuscripts from the Sh'merunit (Samaritan text), Septuagint, Dead Sea Scrolls and common Masoretic texts. So far there is B'rasheet (Gen.) 1-4.

Ancient Mezazah (Doorpost) Engraving Text. This combines the Sh'mai (Shema commonly) of D'bayrim (Deut.) 6:4-9 and Sh'moot (Ex.) 20:1-14 - the famous "Ayshir (Ten) D'bayrim (Words)" or "Ten Commandments." Written in ancient Aibreet (Hebrew), followed by the English transliteration, followed by the English translation.

 Tahaylah (Psalm) 104:1,14-15. A recitation song done before eating meals. See the video/song on the Movies and Music page. Although this is not from the text of the Turah (Scripture), the principles of Psalm 104:1,14-15 are not adding or taking away from principles of it.

Ancient Aibreet (Hebrew) Terminology. A list compiled of various words transliterated based on the ancient letters (Palaeo Hebrew).

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