What's Wrong with the New Testament

      “What’s Wrong with the ‘New Testament’ ” is a statement of fact, not a question. This is shocking for Christians and Messianics. It was shocking for me, having been Christian for most of my life, then studying to become a pastor for the Seventh Day Adventist Church, and then entering the Messianic Jewish realm for another 4 or so years. Finally our family came to understand that the “New Testament” and “Yeshua/Jesus” are contradictory to the Most High and His Turah (Gen. to Deut.).  Now if you are a Christian or Messianic, you may know that there is a flooding movement of people who are rejecting the “New Testament,” Trinity and/or Godhead and moving forward with the Most High YaHUAH and His Turah (Scripture) alone. There are strong reasons why those who truly worship YaH and follow the Turah (Scripture) alone rejected “Yeshua/Jesus” and the “New Testament” in the first century of our Common Era, and for close to 2,000 years. Some chose to die by execution, cruelty and torture rather than accept “Yeshua/Jesus” and the “New Testament.” They believed that to do so would be blasphemy. Before such death and torture, they stood firm and debated Christianity before Roman courts and emperors. For example, Anthony Hopkins starred in a lead role of a movie called The Disputation depicting such events. But you may ask why there is a flood of people coming out of Christianity and the Messianic Jewish movement to believe in the Most High and the Turah (Scripture) alone? The answers are in Scripture. The following are a number of articles and debates in this vein.  

Pastor Matthew Janzen, of Ministers New Covenant, took up the challenge to debate the issue of the "virgin birth" of Yeshua/Jesus. In this debate Matthew admitted that it is ok for a New Testament writer to rip half a verse out of a 2 chapter prophecy, such as Matthew 1:23 does with Y'shaiYahu (Isa.) 7:14, and apply it to something which contextually had nothing to do with what the New Testament writer claims. He also admitted that it is ok for Matthew to change words from the text such as "ha'ayl'meh (THE young lady)" to "a virgin" and also "she will call him Aymnu'Al (Immanuel)" to "they will call him." For further study and info see my article on The Virgin Birth of Yeshua/Jesus in Scripture and Myth.

 Lew White of Fossilized Customs (.com) vs. Sha'ul and the Turah (B'rasheet (Gen.) to D'bayrim (Deut.)). The movie you have all been waiting for. Comparing Yeshua/Jesus to the offerings, Passover, Day of Atonement. The idea that Yeshua/Jesus is YaH come in the flesh and more! This is a foundational video for any New Testament believer to watch.

            Finally got around to start uploading to YouTube some of the Facebook Live videos I did a while back. This one hopefully will help people out of the Trinity and to follow YaH and the Turah. This video will remain up until I can produce a better quality video on the subject of the Trinity of Christianity Bible teaching. Until my YouTube series is produced I hope this will help numerous people come out of the confusion of the Trinity to follow YaHUAH and His Turah alone. I start with the horrible virgin birth concepts from Matthew 1 and John 1 and move on from there.
Is Yeshua/Jesus the Prophet Like M'shih (Moses) spoken of in D'bayrim (Deut.) 18?

           A lot of people have asked us this question. One guy, Anthony Sound-Mind Wagner thought he could prove that Yeshua/Jesus is indeed the prophet like M'shih (Moses) in a debate with us. You can now listen to this 2 hour debate on Debate Talk 4 U Radio, hosted by Sal Showtime. Warning, Sal has included some Christian music and advertising in the show which we do not approve of. Enjoy. This is the second in a series of New Testament debates we have had. The first being our debate with Lew White of Fossilized Customs seen above. Can the New Testament withstand scrutiny against YaH and the Turah (Law)? You listen and decide for yourself.


What's Wrong with the New Testament Articles

The Coming of Bayn Adawm (Son of Man). Was Yeshua/Jesus a false prophet? A quick analysis of Matt. 26:63-64.

Are There Two YaHs? What about the "Word of YaH?" People have long had issues with texts like B'rasheet (Gen.) 19:24 and Sh'moot (Ex.) 23:20. It is the idea that there is more than one YaH or that Yeshua/Jesus is YaH. It is very confusing depending on who you ask. But New Testament believers often attempt to shoehorn the blasphemer into these texts. They have a tough time with idioms like "hayah dabayr YaHUAH al-Abram," meaning "and then came to be the word of YaHUAH to Abram." Hopefully this article will clarify these ancient idioms and concepts so people can better understand Scripture.

The Rebellion that Never Was... Satan. This article examines the issue of "Satan" primarily in the Turah (Law), and also from the writings and beliefs outside of the realm of the Turah (Law). Once and for all, let us deal with that "dastardly little devil." You might be surprised to find out that the only reference to a "Sh'then" (satan) in the Turah (Law) is to YaH as an "adversary!"

Paul: Apostle of the Stumbling-Block. Read here about the apostle Paul, and find out the truth about who he worshipped, what he taught about the Turah (Law), and the stumbling-block of food offered to idols.

Jesus Prophesied in B'rasheet (Gen.) 5? Is it true? Was the blasphemer (Jesus) prophesied in the names of the genealogy of B'rasheet (Gen.) 5? Or is this yet another unfounded Christian eisegesis?

Is Messianic Judaism/Nazarene belief/Christianity really a "sect of Judaism" which simply lost its way as it developed into full blown Yeshua/Jesus-deity-worship? There are numerous people who have attempted to capture the true "historical Yeshua/Jesus." Jesse Jury is one of them. This is a commentary response to Jesse Jury's article on The Jewish Origins of Christianity and the Jewishness of Jesus.

           Over the years there has been this claim that in ancient Aibreet (Hebrew), the Name of the Most High, YaHUAH, in 4 letters, represents the picture of His supposed "Son" Iesous/Jesus/Yeshua being nailed. This theory is promoted by people like Chris Ward and numerous other copycats who haven't actually thought this through. So I decided to do my own photo to illustrate my point, seen below.

         Yawd, hay, oo-ah (waw), hay. What do you get? The yawd is the symbol of the hand. The hand of our Creator, who ALONE stretched out the loftiness above and the land below (D'bayrim (Deut.) 4:32-35). The letter hay is a picture of YaH Himself, or one who worships YaH, beholding Him. The letter oo-ah or "waw" is the symbol of the tent peg, used to hold firmly the corners of the tent covering. It is by no means representative of a nail used on a Roman cross. In this case, the u-ah shows that the hand of our Creator YaH is a firm hand which establishes all things. The last letter hay asks us to behold the creative works of YaH, and that He alone is Creator. The picture here is that YaH is the great self-existent uncreated One.

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