Financial Freedom and Health


         Hi I'm Sha'ul ha Yahudah.  This section of The Way of the Most High is about financial prosperity and health. First of all this is not to make this website into a sales pitch. That is not what this is. But we live in a world that is currently engulfed in corporate and government leadership through network marketing. Government is built off of networks and database and information. Abrahaym (Abraham), started out by building a network or family or community if you will. Read B'rasheet (Gen.) and you'll see he had an army of 300 (B'rasheet (Gen.) 14:14). He had a big family, a big community, a big network. No male is an island. Abrahaym (Abraham) was no doubt a financially prosperous male who lived very healthy as well.

            Ameo essential oils are top class CLINICAL grade! Watch the videos for yourself. I have personally tried the frankincense, lavender, peppermint and other oils and can tell you they are far above the products I had been using until now. I have used essential oils for pain in the head, illness and am currently using them for organ cleanse and other uses. Essential oils are essential for MY health and spirituality and soap-making.

           I'm very excited today for a lot of reasons. First of all I have found a company that does not pollute or compromise its product and actually has videos of their product and its effects on the cells of our bodies. This is a company that provides products for nutrition that we are lacking. A company that has CLINICAL grade essential oils that I have often focused on in our spirituality and this website, as well as treating health issues and making soap. This is a career opportunity that I pray will be helpful to numerous people like you for your health AND for your financial prosperity. Finally a company that I can say has products that are 100% something I can back, without having to wonder what kind of garbage went into their processing or products. 

           I have dealt with numerous companies selling all kinds of products from books to air cleaners to cars to essential oils. But nothing compares to the current opportunity working with Zija International.

            I believe spirituality is essential to our lives, and being physically healthy and financially prosperous are two of the key things that a person will read of in Scripture. Don't be scared or shy. Now is an excellent time and opportunity for you to gain your own financial prosperity and/or health. Get in touch with me.



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