Debating Pastors, Rabbis and Imams


         Why should there be a page dedicated to debating pastors, rabbis and imams?  People have often accused me of arrogance and people have often attempted to get me to stop. Well, there are a lot of reasons. First and foremost is to expose the fact that people need to turn to YaH and His Turah (Scripture), and stop trusting in religious leaders and religious organizations. These debates show that these religious leaders deliberately engage in traditions, false-teachings and beliefs not founded upon the Turah (Scripture). Numerous things done in Judaism, Islam and New Testament belief systems are not derived from the Scriptures and founded upon truth. I cannot stand idly by and allow this to continue when I know of no other websites which have taken on this monumental challenge. It is time people see these religious leaders for the fraudsters and spinsters they really are. They work for a paycheck. They will declare un-natural meats as "kosher" when there is nothing acceptable or natural about them, other than the fact that they bleed their meat appropriately. Imams do the same with what they call "halal." Thus far there are 5 New Testament pastors represented and challenged here, apart from our challenges to Rob Melnichuk and Ravi Zacharias. In the future, we pray to challenge some rabbis and imams as well.


Do you know a rabbi who would go on the record in a recorded debate with Sha'ul about Orthodox Judaism, Karaite Judaism, Samaritan Judaism or any other Judaism? Let us know and hopefully it can happen. So far they have declined my efforts to expose their nonsense and falsehood contradicting the Turah (Law) of YaH.

First debate with Rabbi Asher Meza, Confronting Rabbinical Authority with Rabbi Asher Meza.

Finally a conversation/debate with a "rabbi" on record. Asher Meza speaks with Sha'ul ha Yahudah. I say "rabbi" because I'm not sure and haven't seen actual credentials with his legal name, which I'm not even sure is Asher Meza. In any case, this is Turah (Scripture) vs Judaism.


Do you know a Muslim Imam who would be willing to go on a recorded debate with Sha'ul regarding Islam? I'm ready when they are.


Pastor Charles Chucky Dowell, who can easily be found on Facebook and YouTube, made an open challenge to public debate. Well I posted on Facebook and also responded to his challenge on YouTube, but I guess he's not really up to it. I tagged him on Facebook as well with the words "I'm adding you to my website list of pastors that I have challenged regarding the New Testament. We can start with the "virgin birth" problem as that is the foundation of the New Testament from Matthew 1 and John 1, quoted falsely from Y'shaiYahu (Isaiah) 7 to create a blasphemous religion of Christianity. We can have a debate on Google plus that I can easily set up at a time of convenience. Straitway truth? Nothing straight about it." His ministry is Straitway Truth.


Do you know a pastor who would be willing to go on a recorded debate with Sha'ul? Let me know and let's see if we can get one of them to come out of hiding behind their organizations, ushers and bodyguards. Ready when they are!

New Testament Pastor Martin Hanna Bumbles Debate on Turah. Seventh-Day Adventist pastor Martin Hanna has debated with Sha'ul publicly regarding "apostle Paul" and food offered to idols.

Seventh-Day Adventist Pastor Wallin O'Connor, a former friend and student with Sha'ul at CUC (Canadian Adventist University College) was challenged by Sha'ul on a few Scriptural issues regarding the New Testament. Wallin was invited to meet personally in Ontario, which he has not risen to. New Testament Coward Pastor Runs from Debate.

Elder Michael Johnson has done numerous videos on YouTube and has received over 2,000 views on most of each of the videos. I don't normally challenge people without credentials and such but considering the viewership I thought I'd try. No answer.

Pastor Rod Parsley is a popular media figure for Christianity with his own tv show and so forth, bilking people out of money for his schemes like Joel Osteen or the rest of them. I challenged him this year on his Day of Atonement post in 2018 Roman year. My comments were not deleted, he or his media team simply ignored it. He claimed Africa would be saved but didn't say how. Well Africa is still in turmoil. Guess another false prophecy down the toilet.

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