Blogs are in order of date published. While they are in pdf format, they are different from the articles in that they are shorter and usually less formal.


Kosher Jesus? Rabbi Shmuley Boteach cashes in on the Messianic Jewish movement (as it is often called), playing on the idea that Yeshua/Jesus really was Turah-observant (Law-abiding) killed by the instigation of a corrupt high priest, by the order of Pontius Pilate. We have a few things to say about that.

NEW! Homosexuals, Bisexuals and Transsexuals. A short blog on my thoughts on these three types of people.

Catholic Author Shirks Challenging Interview. Michael Coren, New Testament Catholic author runs from interview with Sha'ul.

Shupayr (Shofar), Ram's Horn vs. Antelope Horn. A lot of people these days are blowing these long twisted horns which come from antelopes. It seems this is the one that is most popular. Easy to play and has a deep sound, but it isn't a "shupayr," which is the ram's horn.

Occupy the World. The Slaves are Waking. A message about the worldwide "Occupy" movement and what it lacks to be a success. 

Sleeping World Condition and Falsehood of Messianic Teachers (Michael Rood, Lew White and others).

Hand-Grinders, Grains, Famine Preparedness and Rainwater Use.

Governments Conspire Against YaH.

Microchip Invades the "State of Israel." A short blog/article about microchip identification and the "State of Israel."

World Bank and Voting

Debating James Faulkner on the Name of YaH and Rejection of the New Testament. Faulkner started this one. His claim was that if you question and reject the New Testament, you will eventually reject the Turah (Scripture) and be an atheist. He started by quoting our website. We took him up on the debate but he couldn't respond.

What do we do to Prepare for Festival Days?

What do we do on Sh'bay'ait (Feast of Weeks) and Yoom Khemshim (50th Day)?

Yoom ha Kapayrim (Day of Coverings/Atonement) Collides with Roman 7th Day Tradition Sabbath in 2011 (Roman Modern False Year). Here we discuss the strangeness of how people can believe the Roman 7th day is the Sh'bayt (Sabbath) when it often collides with other festivals because their weekly cycle is not tied to the Scriptural moon cycle.

Do we Know What Year it is Scripturally? What Year is it Mr. Wolf? Addressing the modern Roman year and the Orthodox Jewish year.

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