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 Welcome to the Ladies Corner.

        I pray that at the end of your visit you will be refreshed and revived. The goal of this section is to provide a place of community and support for Scriptural ladies who are seeking to obey their Creator, care for their husbands, look after their children and spend time in the Scriptures. A very big and noble task that we all attain to. I pray that we will all grow together through blogs, articles and discussions on Scriptural subjects.

            Shalom to All,

            My name is Linda. We would like to invite all those seeking to follow the Scriptures of YaH in every area of their lives. This section will help to answer questions concerning the Turah (Scripture). We expect to speak on Scriptural head covering, nutrition, health, and other matters pertaining to our physical and spiritual well-being. We want to hear your stories. We want to encourage and uplift all ladies wanting to follow the True Path that the Most High intended for all of us.

How did I come to walk this Path?

            As a child, I grew up Catholic until I reached the age of 17. I assumed that I was Christian; at least that is what everyone else said. I moved to California and became a Seventh Day Adventist. Then in 1992, a friend revealed the name of YHWH to my husband and I. I was intrigued and wanted to know more. My husband at the time was born and raised 7th Day Adventist.

            To make a long story short, I kept using the Name and was told by my husband that if I continued calling the "L-rd" by the Name of YHWH, I would have to leave our home with the children. Well, I took the risk and kept using the Name. The pastor discussed it with him and I was to be removed from the home. He packed my belongings. Then he physically picked me up and sat me outside the door.

            It hurt and I thought my world was ending, but it did not discourage me. I continued using the Name. I left the church and never looked back. I moved to Georgia and met others that used the Name, only they pronounced it different. I met my current husband who was a Methodist pastor. I told him about the Name and we have been studying together ever since.

            Over the period of about 19 years for me, and about 10 years for my husband, we have found out a lot. We discovered the real 7th day Shabawt (Sabbath) determined by the New Moon, pronouncing the Father's Name and how to walk this path according to the Turah (Scripture). It was a struggle coming out of mainstream Christianity. We have had our family and friends turn their backs on us. We have been made fun of. Nevertheless, I would not trade it for all the friends and family in the world. I do not care if they never understand or ever speak to me again. YaH and His Scriptures are all that matter to me. Even if it held no reward, I would still serve Him.

           Linda Mays-Seabury

The Menstrual Cycle, Emissions of Semen and Uncleanness. An article that briefly speaks to these issues from the Turah (Law).

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