The Way of the Most High

‘‘Exalting belief in our Father, the Most High YaHUAH, through His Turah, the 5 scrolls of M'shih (Moses).’’

 "And now, Y'shr'Al (Israel), what does (YaH Most High) your Mighty One ask from you? It is to fear at (YaH) your Mighty One, to walk in all His ways, and to love at Him, and to serve at (YaH) your Mighty One with all your heart and with all your being. To guard at the commandments of (YaH), and at His statutes which even I command you this day for your wonderfulness (D'bayrim (Deut.) 10:12-13).

 Welcome to “the Way”

I serve (YaHUAH), known as "YaH" in "haylaluYaH" (commonly "hallelujah"). There is hardly anywhere in the world that does not know this phrase. This is the Name which you see in our work, and is known as "early semitic" script. He is the Most High, our Creator, Father and Redeemer. He offers life, forgiveness, redemption and a way of life seen through His Turah (Law), the first five scrolls of Scripture primarily. B'rasheet (Genesis), Sh'moot (Exodus), Wa'y'qora (Leviticus), B'medbayr (Numbers) and D'bayrim (Deuteronomy).  

     Whether you have no Scriptural knowledge or very little knowledge, there is a “way” of life in Scripture through the Almighty Father that is waiting for you. In Aibreet (Hebrew script), “the path” or “the way” is known as “ha'Darak” (commonly "derech"). This “way” of life and teaching is written of throughout Scripture. The primary example of this "darak" is found in D'bayrim (Deut.) 6:7, where YaH states that we are to speak of His commands in our dwelling at home, walking IN THE PATH (b'darak), when we lie down and when we rise up. This "path" or "way" of the Most High is a lifestyle of commandments, Scriptural knowledge, righteousness, love and repentance as explained in the Turah (Scripture).     

         Our exhortation to return to the ancient paths comes directly from D'bayrim (Deut.) 32:7. "Remember (zakar) the days (y'mut) of old (ayulam), understand (baynu) the years (sh'nut) of generation (dar) upon generation (wa-dar). Ask (sh'al) your father (abika - ultimately YaH our Father in 32:6), and He (in reference to YaH) will show you (wa-y'gad'ka)..."
        The majority of the world's population today does not know the "Way" of the Most High. They do not know the Almighty or what is offered to Adawm (mankind) in the truth of Scripture. They do not know that the Turah (Scriptures) are confirmed by archaeology, history, science and most importantly... prophecy. And if it is true in the past from the greatest prophet who ever lived, M'shih (Moses), then you can bet that what remains to happen in the future will happen. Place your trust in Scripture, and follow the narrow "Way" of the Almighty. I will do my best to provide articles and information on this site which is in accordance with the Turah (Scripture). Your involvement is welcomed. The current articles are due to the fact that others have helped to understand this path of the Most High.

Below is a wonderful podcast from our friend Azr'Al Cherash about YaH and the Path of Life in the Turah (Law), and the path that YaHUAH has for each of our lives.


 Lew White of Fossilized Customs (.com) vs. Sha'ul and the Turah (B'rasheet (Gen.) to D'bayrim (Deut.)). The movie you have all been waiting for. Comparing Yeshua/Jesus to the offerings, Passover, Day of Atonement. The idea that Yeshua/Jesus is YaH come in the flesh and more! This is a foundational video for any New Testament believer to watch.

    Goals of this Website


  1. Reveal knowledge of the Most High (YaHUAH) through His Turah (Law/Scripture) primarily. He is falsely known by most as “Jehovah, God,” or “LORD.” This here is the true Name of the Most High and the ways we can address Him without falsehood. This is in order that people may know YaHUAH by Name, come to Him, understand His Scriptures, worship Him and love Him with all the heart, being, and strength (D'bayrim (Deut.) 6:4-9). May each one be prepared for the Most High as His people were in the days when they were at Mount Seen’ee (Sinai). In that day they were in awe before Him, the Consuming Fire (D'bayrim (Deut.) 4:24), to receive His words. We must be in awe of YaH today, knowing Him and following Him.
  2. To reveal to all people that they may repent and receive an oath (b'rit) from the Most High. Oaths and promises are elucidated throughout the Turah (Scripture) in various ways. Scripture exhorts people to turn from wickedness and acknowledge our transgressions and crookedness. We are instructed to walk in righteousness before the Most High in obedience to His commandments and wisdom. The strangers and foreigners and all peoples of the globe are invited to join themselves in an oath-relationship to the Most High. Indeed, it is a fearful prostration before Him, but a compassion and love which fulfills like no other. Much like the people of M'tsrayim (Egypt) in the “Exodus” account, the people of the world today have an opportunity to be delivered from physical and spiritual bondage by joining themselves in conversion to the Most High. All are invited to be “called out” of the world, to be a part of His people. Indeed, numerous heathen people of Mitsrayim (Egypt) listened when the call went forth to accept the Passover lamb and leave with the Aibreem (Hebrews) (Sh'moot (Ex.) 12:38). Prior to the twelve tribes of Y'shr'Al (Israel), YaH had called a number of people to serve Him and had an oath with them, like He did with Nuakh (Noah - see B'rasheet (Gen.) 9:8-16). YaH calls people out of the world to be His own. While the foreigner and stranger is not the literal seed of the twelve tribes of Y'shr'Al (Israel), they are invited to become a part of the people of the Most High, joined to Y'shr'Al (Israel), and treated as one that is born of the twelve tribes… even though they were not. One of the earliest examples of this, even before the 12 tribes came into being, was when Khemoor (Hamor) the Khui (Hivite) made an oath with Yaiqob (Jacob), and they entered in though cutting their foreskins, their whole city (B'rasheet (Gen.) 34:8-24)! Very soon, YaH will once again physically rule our planet in our midst, causing all transgressions to cease, establishing peace and righteousness.
  3. To acknowledge that there are numerous people in these last days of prophetic history who are interested in the Most High and His Turah (Scripture). They may very well be a part of the lost tribes of Y'shr'Al (Israel), but none can say for sure unless they can trace their lineage by their forefathers back to the twelve tribes, or unless YaH reveals to them by dream or vision that they are from a particular tribe. Y'shr'Al (Israel), because of transgressions and crookedness, was scattered and lost among the nations of the world, becoming altogether like them in heathen lifestyle and the way of life of the nations. People today are acknowledging that they have inherited the lies of the heathen nations, and are turning to the Most High and the Turah (Scripture). After all, this is what M'shih (Moses) prophesied would happen according to D'bayrim (Deut.) 30:1-6. As we believe in the Most High, have an oath relationship with Him through repentance and follow His Turah (Scripture), we may call ourselves the "people of the Most High," "followers of the Way," "Aibreem" (Hebrews), "Y'shr'Al (Israel)" or "Yahudim" (those who worship YaH). But tribal affiliation is yet future, in the presence of elders, judges, priests and the direct presence of YaH in His Tabernacle. We need not prescribe to ourselves a tribal affiliation that is of our own contrivance. See the article on The Identity Crisis.
  4. In response to the love and forgiveness of the Most High, and as a result of being “called out” of the world to be His people, our prayer is that we would walk in righteousness, following the commands, wisdom, instructions, laws, and teachings of the Turah (Scripture). It is sad that most people today do not truly identify with Scripture because they think of themselves as “gentiles,” a people to whom they think the Turah (Scripture) does not apply to. They believe that ancient customs and commands regarding diet, clothing and beards are “cultural” hogwash of the past. The truth is, the “Way” of the Most High which is seen in Scripture is still relevant to us, as followers of Almighty YaHUAH, and there is more wisdom in Scripture than in today’s modern way of the nations. The Almighty has always loved the nations and peoples of the world (gentiles) and desired them to serve Him and become His people (B'rasheet (Gen.) 17:4-16;18:18).
  5. My desire is to retrace the original message of Scripture in all of its fullness, as revealed through proper translation, transliteration, and interpretation of Scripture. We do this by reading and studying the original script known as “Aibreet” (Hebrew), context, history, and archaeology. There are tools available to us today, such as concordances, Hebrew to English versions of the Turah (Scripture) and Lexicons. The emphasis of this is to recover the ancient way of Scriptural life in different applications, thereby restoring truth to our lives in a modern age which has departed from Scripture and replaced such things with falsehood. Our goal is that everyone who reads our articles will learn how to rightly read the original text of Scripture in its context, history, and meaning, and be a witness to others of the truth of the Most High and His Turah (Scripture).
  6. In retracing the original message of Scripture, we will become in tune with things such as The Calendar of YaH, reflected in the stars, agriculture, sun and moon. This calendar is relevant to our lives in numerous ways, most importantly in terms of prophecy. We will also learn about a healthier way of life in returning to a more planet-friendly and natural way of life through herbs, natural clothing materials, essential oils and things like holistic spinal care.
  7. The final goal is that others will share this website and our articles with others, and share their feedback with us. This will help us to produce materials that are truthful and honest to Scripture, which can spread the message of Scripture to the world. I desire others to join in this battle to actually LIVE OUT Scripture. We must be a people who not only speak from our lips or have a head-knowledge of truth from the Turah (Scripture), we must be a living witness of people who have repented, turned from our transgressions and live righteously. We must be a people whose way of life is exemplary and which reveal a simpler, more peaceful and ancient way of living… the Scriptural “way” of the Most High.

    Scripture Only!

 From ancient times until the invention of the printing press and “books,” SCRipture was inSCRibed on SCRolls by SCRibes who painstakingly used ink and quill on papyrus reeds or skins of an animal. Did you see the commonality between those words? These Scriptures were copied diligently over the centuries, as can be seen in the works of the Dead Sea Scrolls. There was no such thing as “The Bible,” a creation of Christianity/Catholicism. Such terminology doesn’t exist, and the word “Bible” is not in Scripture… even the Christian version of such writings doesn’t contain the word. Thus, I refer to Scripture as Scripture, and not the “Bible.” As you proceed through this site, you will find a number of articles written from the perspective of the Turah (5 scrolls), revealing lies as small as terminology like “the Bible,” to bigger lies like that of the so-called "New Testament" and "Yeshua/Jesus."

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